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Face Yoga School by House of Beauty is your one stop face yoga solution for

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How Did it start?

Vibhuti suffers from an Auto-immune skin condition, she tried thousands of treatments and nothing worked, that's where she took to yoga, The Rig Veda has 8 face yoga exercises from 8 to 80 she wrote a book developing these face yoga exercises that show results. It became her mission to help those who are looking for natural, non-invasive skin treatments and FaceYoga School and her FaceYogi army was born.

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Client Testimony

Real People

FaceYoga for under eye puffiness, lymphatic drainage and nose shape correction for our beautiful client.

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Dark circle Relief

Beautiful Ritika came to us with a dark circle issue and Faceyoga by Vibhuti Arora helped her in 3 months.

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Change your Jawline

Face yoga method followed by Vibhuti Arora are proven with over million faces all over the world.

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FaceYoga FAQ's

Can Face Yoga work for Pigmentation?

Yes a combination of the 5 step face yoga by Vibhuti Arora techniques and the right skin care ingredients like alpha arbutin in House of beauty's Pigmentation serum and cream have shown results in pigmentation and melanin reduction.

What will happen if I stop FaceYoga?

Face yoga by House of beauty ensure that the muscle memory of the face is build to a point that even when you stop face yoga briefly the tightening and lifting effect of face yoga stays in check for a while. In fact in some cases you can pick up from where you left even after a break. However this changes from individual to individual.

FaceYoga for Double chin works?

Yes absolutely, Face yoga exercises like air kisses or double chin burn taught by Vibhuti arora in Personal courses or certified teacher training batches have been one of the most effective jaw definition and chin fat burning methods to a non-invasive naturally tighten face.

What is Face Yoga for Dark circles, Hollow eyes, under eyes?

Face yoga by Vibhuti Arora has over 30 exercise just focused on the under eye issues. Face yoga specifically helps in reducing darkness in the under eyes, puffiness or lymphatic drainage, hooded eyes, eye asymmetry or droopy eye lifts.

How can I start my Face Yoga by Vibhuti Arora routine?

Super easy, Book a 1-1 class with our Faceyoga trainers or Vibhuti herself, or join our group monthly online classes where you get 12 classes for INR 2999/- only.

Face yoga or Face tools how to use?

Faceyoga vs Facetools is a common question, at Face yoga by house of beauty we believe it's a combined approach to get the best of both. Natural face lifts are better with face cups vs hands, or puffiness reduction via thumbs. We help you choose that best combination for your face type and help you learn them better.